Array Destructuring

Array Destructuring

Destructuring is an ES6 feature, it’s a way of unpacking values from an array or an object into separate variables. In other words, it means to break a complex data structure down into smaller data structures .. like variables.

For the array, we use destructuring to retrieve elements from the array and store them into variables in a very easy way.

let's see a simple example to understand this :

const arr = [1,2,3]
//if we wanted to retrieve each one of the element in the array into a own variable without destructuring, we can do like this :
const a = arr[0] //1
const b = arr[1] //2
const c = arr[2] //3

//But with destructuring we can actually declare all the 3 variables at the same time. let's see how:
const [x,y,z] = arr;
console.log(x,y,z)//1 2 3

let's see another example of the destructuring array :

Skipping elements:

var arr = ["Hello", "from", "Dev", "With", "Deb"]  

// destructuring assignment  
var [first, second, third, fourth, fifth] = arr;  

console.log(first); // Hello  
console.log(second); // from
console.log(third); // Dev
console.log(fourth); // With
console.log(fifth); // Deb

//We can also log like this :
console.log(first,second,third,fourth,fifth) //Hello from Dev With Deb

// We can also skip the elements
console.log(first, ,second) //Hello Dev 

//Here the second assignment is the third element in the array.(it's like a variable name don't take it otherwise 😉)

Swapping Variables :

Array destructuring makes it easy to swap variables without any temporary variable.

var a = 1, b = 2;  
[a, b] = [b, a];  
console.log(a); // 2  
console.log(b); // 1

What happens when we have a nested array?

Example :

//nested destructuring
const nested = [2,3,4,[5,6]]
// const [i, ,j] = nested;
// console.log(i,j);//2 4

const [i, , ,[j, k]] = nested;
console.log(i,j,k)//2 5 6

Default values:

This can be useful when we don't know the length of an array, like when we are fetching any API

//default values
const [p=1,q=1,r=1] = [8]
console.log(p,q,r); //8 1 1

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